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Sav-Rx has established itself as a leading provider of pharmacy benefits and mail-order services thanks to its forward-thinking attitude, commitment to excellence, and dedication to client satisfaction. These qualities propel Sav-Rx to provide transparent, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to prepare our clients for the ever-changing pharmacy landscape. Sav-Rx is dedicated to improving the health and lives of our patients through exceptional clinical practices and unwavering commitment to best-in-class service. The Sav-Rx experience is defined by superior service, competitive rates, transparent practices, and cutting-edge clinical programs delivered by outstanding, professional associates. Our vision is to share the Sav-Rx experience with our growing client base and usher in a new era of elevated healthcare expectations.

Our History

Sav-Rx Prescription Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of A&A Services, LLC, is the leading provider of lowest net cost Medication Benefit Management for employers and health plans nationwide. Founded in 1966 by Pharmacist and retired Air Force Supply Captain Jim Barta, Sav-Rx started as a community pharmacy in Fremont, Nebraska called A&A Drug. A&A drug had over 60 locations in the Midwest by 1990 and was the innovator in bringing the pharmacy into other retail platforms, as seen in many grocery stores today. In 1990, A&A Drug expanded into the medication benefit management space and rebranded as Sav-Rx. Since, Sav-Rx has grown to serve millions of lives in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. In 2019 Sav-Rx's founder Jim Barta passed away, and his daughter, Christy Piti R.P., continued to lead the company in her role of Chief Executive Officer. After 50+ years in business, Sav-Rx remains 100% family-owned and operated, headquartered in Fremont, Nebraska, and anchored in the same community-based, patient-focused values we started with in 1966.

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